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I Witch I Could Think of a Favorite Heroine

My favorite fictional hero or heroine? That can change depending upon what book I’m immersed in at the time. Although after some contemplation, I realized there was someone who stood out in my mind. A heroine, of course, because I do enjoy a good kick ass heroine who can take care of herself—plus a little magic always helps. Read more “I Witch I Could Think of a Favorite Heroine”

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The Book That Ignited My Imagination

One of my favorite memories of childhood is reading. First, of my mother reading the Little House on the Prairie novels

to my sister and I before we were old enough to read them ourselves. Then, stealing away to a comfortable couch or chair to read the afternoon away alone. Most of my books were from the library, or from the Scholastic Book club from school. I read countless books. Many have faded to line the walls of my imagination. But if you ask me what the very first book was that made an impression on me, I have an immediate answer. Even if I can’t remember much about the story. Read more “The Book That Ignited My Imagination”

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Reasons I Like A Rural Setting

I live in a rural part of Pennsylvania and set most of my stories in and around this area. My love of the versatility of Pennsylvania must be shared, because there are a large number of movies filmed in the state and in my nearby city of Pittsburgh. It’s true that I chose this setting because it’s what I know, but it’s much more than that. It’s what I love. Read more “Reasons I Like A Rural Setting”