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“Kim writes novels to get lost inside for days while you go from room to room reading!” ~ Book Club Betty


KIM HORNSBY is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, having shared space on the top five bestseller list with J.D. Robb, Stephen King, and Nicolas Sparks. Her Dream Jumper Series is optioned for film with The Dream Jumper’s Promise scheduled for pre-production on Maui. That book won the Chanticleer Paranormal Mystery Thriller Award, was nominated as Best Indie First Book, and was a finalist in the Rone Awards. Her Romantic Suspense, Necessary Detour, has reached top 5 in all Kindle Store.
In her former life, Kim taught scuba in Fiji and Hawaii, as a singer opened shows for Jay Leno and Jamie Foxx, once found a boa constrictor under her bed, has taken supplies to remote Nicaraguan villages, sang on 60 Minutes, dived with dolphins, humpback whales, and sharks and was the host of an international infomercial. These days she writes books outside Seattle, overlooking a tree-lined lake.
A mother, wife, messy housekeeper, dog lover and a voracious reader, Kim was born in Ontario, Canada, lived in Toronto, Vancouver, Maui, Whistler, and Taipei, where she and her husband adopted a baby. Kim spends her mad money on travel and plane tickets are often found on her desk, reminding her to write bestsellers.



                                THE DREAM JUMPER SERIES



An Award-Winning Author, Kim writes both short novellas in contemporary romance and longer novels in Suspense/Supernatural Suspense. All books have a Romance, Suspense and no books have gore, torture or explicit graphic intimacy.

All Kim’s Books are tied together somehow, even Rocky Bluff, the Kindle World novel that incorporates Toby Neal’s award-winning characters from her Lei Crime novels. Like a scavenger hunt, find Kim’s main characters mingling at parties even funerals in cross-over moments. Pepper goes on tour with Goldy, Tina grew up next door to Greg, Kali knows Tina, Jamey knows Kalani. Play along as you read her list of novels.

Necessary Detour is Kim’s most commercially successful novel. Published by Amazon Encore, Kim hasn’t been able to change a word since 2012 and that’s a good thing because it has reached #5 in all Kindle Store Paid. The story of a rock star hiding from the paparazzi and a deranged stalker, Kim loved drawing on her time as a rock singer in her younger years, to write this Romantic Suspense.

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